Here are just some of the people and organizations that Bruce has worked with, whether in video, audio, or print.

Bruce Alan August first began making films in high school, and he's been involved in media production ever since. Bruce earned both his Bachelor's degree and his Master's from the University of Southern California. His Master's degree was awarded by USC's School of Cinema.
Much of Bruce's early career was in audio production. His work ranged from a stint in a Hollywood sound studio to independent theater, including a key role for a play directed by Beau Bridges.

When personal computers were new to the scene, Bruce found it a natural transition to write audio courses to teach new computer users. Before the time when video could be played smoothly on PCs, audio was a terrific medium for teaching software. His courses found international success, selling in record numbers across three continents. Writing as B. Alan August, he became the world's number one selling author of audio-based computer training.

But there wasn’t a lot of storytelling or character development in teaching software, so eventually Bruce returned to his first love — writing and directing video productions. AugustStar Films began in the early 1990s and AugustStar Enterprises, Inc. was incorporated in 1993.

Corporate                                                             Nonprofit
Abbott Laboratories                                               Chicago International Salsa Congress
Illinois Association of Ophthalmology                      Diveheart
Motorola                                                                American Heart Association
Chicago Dermatological Society                              American Medical Association
Hyundai                                                                 National Association of Realtors
Chicago Ophthalmological Society                          Art Institute of Chicago
Darryl Scotti Events                                               Illinois Society of Eye Physicians & Surgeons                                                                                                       

Government                                                          Academic
City of Dallas                                                          University of Chicago
City of Darien                                                         Cornell University
Federal Reserve Bank                                              Penn State University
FBI                                                                         Northern Illinois University
City of Burr Ridge                                                   University of Minnesota
US Army Corps of Engineers                                     University of Montana   

City of Berwyn                                                        Lewis University