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Every video that we make is unique, because every organization that we work with is unique. You'll never catch us making a "one-size-fits-all" production. When you choose an AugustStar Films promo, we'll work with you to create a video that reflects the personality, values, and message of your brand. 

To get started, visit our Contactpage for a consultation on your promotional video.

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Live Action

Video is a powerful way to increase sales and introduce a new product or service. For this kind of film, you don't want a videography company that does weddings or graduations. You want a videography company whose business is high-quality, script-based films that capture the heart of your message.   

That's exactly what we offer at AugustStar Films. 
Our promotional videos are ideal for corporations, nonprofits, or any other group with an important idea. They can be used as a dynamic addition to your website, to introduce live events such as performances or speeches, or to play in the lobby, office, or showroom of your work place.