An AugustStar Mini Film is the ideal way to promote the message of your organization. They are designed for nonprofits, professional associations, large corporations or small businesses to get the word out about their most important ideas and events.

Our dynamic Mini Films are the perfect way to connect with clients. Use them to launch a new product or service, outline your program's goals, or explain the history of your organization. You can introduce the current or past presidents, directors, or other key figures in your organization.

They can serve as a unique, memorable introduction for performances, award ceremonies, speeches, or any other live event that you're hosting. Forget about bland newsletters — Mini Films are an engaging new way to build excitement for your upcoming conference or convention.

In short, Mini Films are dynamic, powerful, and far more affordable than other types of videography. That's because they don't require shooting any new footage — through a compelling script, skillful editing, a professional narrator and polished motion graphics, AugustStar Mini Films can tell your story without the cost, time, or hassle that it takes to shoot new footage. Because these films are created with existing images, we can work with clients anywhere in the United States. 

If you're looking for the perfect way to take your business, nonprofit, or other organization to the next level, an Organizational Mini Film is what you've been waiting for.

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