An AugustStar Personal Mini Film is a gift unlike any other. Mini Films offer a way to capture the extraordinary life story of someone you love. These are not PowerPoints of a few family photos — they are professional productions with a compelling script and skillful editing. The result is a film that's as unique as the person it's about. 

A personal Mini Film can be the centerpiece of a milestone birthday or special occasion, a retirement gift to an esteemed colleague, or a two-person love story that's ready to be shown at a rehearsal dinner or wedding reception.

Personal Mini Films are not only the ultimate gift today, but they will also be ready for a memorial service when that day eventually arrives. Imagine being able to watch a television-quality program about your great-grandparents — that's what a Mini Film offers to the future generations of your family.

An AugustStar Mini Film biography is the perfect family heirloom. Unlike physical photographs or the old tapes that your home movies are on, Mini Films are created in a lossless digital format. That means they will be as crystal clear 100 years from now as they are today. 

Because our Mini Films are created using all still photographs, you can be anywhere in the country and still have one of these profoundly personalized gifts for your loved one. 

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      ​               TESTIMONIALS

It's not every day that you get to tell someone wonderful what you think of them - that kind of talk is usually reserved for funerals. This was a great opportunity for our entire family and was easily the highlight of the party!
- D. Mitchell

When our father died, my own children were very young.  We wanted a professional memorial video so when the kids grew up they could see for themselves what a great guy their grandpa was. I still smile every time I watch it (and a few tears...).
- J. Podjasek

No matter how big their yachts, none of my friends have something like this. It would have been worth twice the price!

- D.M. Miller