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For nonprofits, schools, museums, professional associations, and any other group with a unique history and mission, an Organizational Biography is the perfect way to explain who you are.

Our Organizational Biographies can seamlessly blend a powerful script with insightful interviews with directors, board members, or other key figures in your organization. With an Organizational Biography, we encourage those who know your organization best to explain it in their own words. Then we supplement those interviews with skillful editing, graphics, music, and narration to create a polished film that reflects the values and goals of your organization.

An Organizational Biography is ideal for the home page of your website, to show at an important event or conference, or to introduce your newest service or program. We can detail the whole history of your organization, or highlight key points to give an overview of what makes your organization stand out.

These videos typically run 3-12 minutes and incorporate new and existing footage, photographs, and professional narration. Of course, as with any of our services, we would love to collaborate with you to customize the perfect film for your needs. If you're looking for a video that uses only still photographs and doesn't require new footage, please be sure to explore our Mini Films option. 

Visit our Contact page for a consultation about the Organizational Biography we can create for you.

​First impressions are important. Make yours a good one with an AugustStar Organizational Biography.